Image by Timothy Dykes
Shine A Light
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21 SEPT - 25 OCT

Well know costume designer, makeup artist and award winning body artist Sandi Cutts couldn’t body paint during COVID-19 lock down. 


Unable to use her normal platforms for self-expression, this creative mind explored alternatives and applied her creative art and expression to mannequins.  Come see this high impact, UV lit window display that literally shines a light on self expression.   


Sandi Cutts is an Auckland based hair designer & makeup artist, & award winning body artist. Having over 15 years experience in the television and entertainment industry, she prides herself in providing a quality service to high profile groups and individuals in the creative arts.


Her work has won several awards for special FX, one judged by Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop. Her career is diverse and rewarding , ranging from FX makeup for an artist's exhibition, through to working on stage productions, advertising and a broad range of events and festivals.

Sandi Cutts Mannequin One.jpg

“I like to think outside of the box.  I just create.”


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