How it works

Use one Tauranga's empty CBD spaces to launch an idea.  

Do you have an idea?

Do you have an idea that you think would look great in one of the cities empty spaces? Your idea could be anything from an installation, a pop up shop, an art piece or performance that's up to you. It could be something you've been inspired by or something completely new and unique. 

Need some help or advice?

We expect you might have some questions but we're here to advise as well as connect you with a property landlord.

We've got a set of useful resources that might help to answer some questions and offer some helpful advice.

Do you have a space in the CBD?

If you're a property owner in Tauranga city centre with an empty space then we'd love to partner with you. 

Benefits of filling your empty space with us.

There are loads of great reasons to partner with ACTIVATE VACANT SPACES for you and for the CBD as a whole. It will help to bring people into the town and bring visitors to your space.