Benefits to property owners

Why partnering with Activate Vacant Spaces is a good thing.

We're activating our city centre spaces and places with installations, displays, events, interactive experiences, art and culture, pop ups and refurbishments that delight, enrich, inspire and create a continuum of vibrancy in our city centre for all to enjoy.

We'd love you to join us in supporting our city centre's rejuvenation and vibrancy. 

We provide Tauranga city centre property owners and creative entrepreneurs the support and tools they need to make transitional placemaking activations a low risk reality. 

Simple Licence agreement.

We use a simple licence agreement for everything from a short 4-6 week exhibition through to a longer pop up retaill or art installation with a rolling term that won't get in the way of your long-term tenancy plans. 

Public Liability insurance 

We de-risk everything by making sure our projects hold $2 million of public liability insurance. 

Project management

We provide project management ensuring projects are maintained safely and in compliance with Licence terms.

Promote a profile for your space

Allow us to promote your empty property on our website for people to see when browsing for vacant spaces.  We'll also provide a profile and awareness of your property as a desirable and lively space available for long term lease.

Community and City Centre project

The aim of course is to get people into the city centre and by allowing your property to be used for the project it will enhance community good will, engagement and prosperity as well as assisting in rejuvenation of the CBD and foot traffic growth. 

The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is to have no need for ACTIVATE Vacant Spaces. That all the empty spaces are permanently filled and that we have a vibrant and prosperous city centre.

Useful Resources

Our useful resources will help guide you if you are looking to create a space and if you have a space to offer.